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Loans with Zero Money Down

We've been in business since 1996 and have a proven track record. Our customer service is top-notch, just look at the many Satisfied Customers we've helped! Furthermore, over 99% of all credit applications are approved, which has assisted many customers in building or rebuilding their credit.


Do You Need a Computer? Do You Need Financing? Do You Need Shipping to an APO/FPO US Military Address? Do You Need Support Regardless of Your Location?

About Military Credit

Sure, anyone with enough cash can buy an off-the-shelf, ready-made computer with no guarantees after the sale. But if you want:

  1. A custom-built credit for your exact computer specifications
  2. Lending approval to U.S. Military address FPO, APO and Combat Zones
  3. Certified support customer service
  4. An onsite loan consolidation
  5. Lifetime telephone support
  6. An affordable monthly payment with zero money down

myPay System

To get started, simply complete our online express application. Once your application is completed, your professional representative will update you via e-mail of your status so that no guesswork is involved. Your low monthly payments are provided by the DFAS myPay System. You can Learn More About Allotments. Want more information? Visit our FAQ page to learn more or learn more about why you should choose 800HighTech for your military financing.

Military financing electronics

  • Providing free shipping to any APO or FPO address in the world for zero down with proof of allotment.
  • Offering low monthly payments with allotment regardless of bad credit history or no credit history.
  • Opening a revolving credit account so you can add to your account. You become a Preferred customer after 4 consecutive payments. Preferred customers can purchase products and upgrades at a discounted price.
  • Providing an onsite warranty. We pay all shipping cost (both ways) for repairs and returns anywhere in the world for computers under warranty!
  • Lifetime phone technical support provided by the same people who sold, assembled, loaded the software, burned it in, packaged and shipped your computer. Their future employment depends on customer satisfaction. As opposed to phone support outsourced to a foreign country.
  • Reporting to the credit bureau every month when your allotment comes in. This up-to-dater report helps you build good credit. We also report the allotment non-starts or late payments, however with the advent of the mypay allotment non-starts are far and few between. It costs to report and many companies report only overdue statements.
  • Always looking to expand our product line so that our customers have access to other consumer electronics and products that we may not have on our website. Just give us the manufacturer, make and model number if you have it and we will find it for you, then you can simply add it on to your account as long as you are an established or preferred customer.
  • Peace of mind and to our established customers they all enjoy this as they know if EVER they have a problem we will help them out somehow. The US Military is our niche market. Appreciating the business and start everyday servicing and supporting customers before we make a sales contact.

We understand that the military community easily communicates with one another. This has been a critical aspect of us becoming successful, and why our services and products has spread quickly by word-of-mouth!

The only people who have a problem with 800HighTech or one of our products, are the ones that have not taken the time to contact us about their problem. If in the rare case something should happen notify us as we are committed to delivering 100% Satisfaction!

For a complete understanding of how our support and service works please click here to Learn More About Military Support.

We are committed to providing our customer's with much more than just a computer or other consumer electronics, we have built this business with service and support as our number 1 priority and with that we need our customers to understand this commitment. If there are questions or concerns regarding the support and service from let us know.